411 Congress Street Portland, Maine 04101

About coworkHERS

coworkHERS is a shared workspace and social club designed to support female professionals. It is the first and only female-focused coworking space in Portland, Maine. Although we describe ourselves as "female-focused" that does not apply to gender specifics. We cater to women, and are dominated by women, but welcome all people who wish to be a part of a safe, inspiring, encouraging, non-threatening, healthy, non-judgemental environment.

coworkHERS is located at 411 Congress Street, Portland, Maine on the ground level of the Portland Masonic building, next door to City Hall.


coworkHERS is an empowering place for women to work and grow.

coworkHERS brings female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals together in a space designed for them to collaborate and prosper. Through sisterhood, workshops, seminars, events, and a motivating environment, coworkHERS gives women a space to be comfortable sharing their ideas, expertise, and services. This is a destination for women to connect with peers, locate resources, and grow their confidence.

Balance & Peace

coworkHERS was created to nurture women in their professional endeavors and help them balance career, lifestyle, relationships, and self. coworkHERS cultivates this through workshops, support groups, and speakers. And wine, of course.

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