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Consider freelancing

Do you have a special skill you can offer to other businesses and professionals? The current climate is ideal for freelancers, and as 
USA Today explains, it can be a particularly good fit for retirees. It’s an elastic workstyle, allowing you to work whenever you want and however often you want, and you set your own standards. Even if you intend to establish something else later on, it’s a chance to test drive your ideas and develop your customer base. Regardless of whether you’re looking for IT and networking gigs or jobs that allow you
to design engaging websites for other small businesses, there are countless online opportunities for freelancers that will let you get to work as soon as you’re ready to get your feet wet.

Chart your course

A business plan is an important tool when starting a new business. It helps to set future goals, identify steps, and prioritize actions. It can also help you when applying for funding, wooing partners, and attracting investors. This guide from Entrepreneur can help you formulate a functional business plan to help you on your way.

Think about costs

One of the great advantages of a home-based business is you usually need minimal upfront capital, but there are typically still some initial costs involved. When making purchases, be sure to track everything carefully so you can take advantage of tax deductions especially for small business owners. You also should set up a budget, and unless you’re moving forward with something you’ve already played at, you’ll likely need to estimate numbers to start. Many people find it helpful to meet with a financial advisor to lay a proper foundation, and that expense can be included in your tax deductions.

Fund your venture

Whether you’re setting up a new computer system, purchasing supplies for production, or installing an outbuilding for your venture, there are several funding options available. Many small business owners get loans, and there is a wide range out there to suit virtually every
circumstance. There are also several grants available to small business owners, and you can always check into things like crowdfunding or consider tapping into your retirement savings.

Financial drawbacks

There are a few financial concerns to keep in mind as you begin your venture. First of all, if you’re on Social Security, you need to watch how much income you earn. Be aware of the current limit and calculate carefully so you can avoid penalties. Also, you will have to pay self-employment tax. You can use this calculator to determine how much.

Old dogs, new tricks

It’s not unusual to be concerned about starting something new at any age, and it can be particularly daunting later in life, especially if you’re worried about risking your financial situation. However, when it comes to entrepreneurialism, age is just a number. In fact, some statistics indicate the older, the better, with older entrepreneurs reporting higher success rates than younger ones. Not only that, the amount of success appears to correlate with higher age brackets. Being older, wiser, more experienced, and having a strong work ethic are in your favor.

Seniors considering home-based businesses have much to gain. Decide on a path, lay a plan, and arrange your finances. You’ve earned the opportunity to pursue your venture, and you have age on your side.

Article submitted by 

Carla Lopez carla[email protected]


Image courtesy of Pexels

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