Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but they do not have to be. Besides the tips we have listed in our ‘How to Reduce Stress This Year’, which includes sleeping on it and keeping your mind out of the situation, another way to mitigate those nerves is to dress well during your interview.

Of course, it varies depending on what the nature of your work is. If you are a graphic designer applying for a startup, for example, wearing chunky suits is going to make you stick out like a sore thumb. The same sentiment carries over when you attempt to wear colorful prints when you’re meeting with a real estate client.

Now that we have established how different companies prefer different outfits, it would be counterproductive to suggest a standard list of pieces to wear. Instead, here are five easy tips to remember when picking out the right interview attire:

Research the Company

It doesn’t matter how non-traditional the office space is; it pays to know the kind of culture its employees have to choose the right interview outfit. Click here for what to wear.  Almost every company has multiple social accounts like Facebook or Glassdoor, and using pictures you find of the team as reference can help you choose an outfit.
Pick Something Comfortable

No matter the industry, the one thing you should never sacrifice for professionalism purposes is comfort. For women, this button down shirt on Woman Within is a natural choice with its crafted-in breathable cotton fabric and it is super comfortable to wear. For men, on the other hand, we recommend this green blazer on Todd Snyder over a polo. Finish the look with a pair of doll shoes or lace-up boots, and you are good to go.

Add a Little Color

People seem to be frightened of wearing color to interviews, but really, black and gray aren’t the only options out there. Wearing solid hues like blue, forest green, and darker shades of purple speak a lot about your personality to your interviewer.

Present Yourself Neatly

Sometimes, it truly will not matter if you dress casual or formal, just as long as your clothes are clean and ironed. Make a great first impression Recruiting experts on Pro Sky suggests that it only takes  “a few seconds for [a recruiter] to form an opinion of you”. Plus, it is going to set the tone for the rest of your time working for the company or client. After all, nothing screams “Hire me!” than good hygiene, neat clothes, and a bright smile.

Ask for Clarification

If you are genuinely unsure of what to wear to your interview, it never hurts to ask your recruiter. When you receive a call or email regarding the time and location of the interview, your reply should not only indicate that you are available. But also contain other questions you may have, such as the interview dress code, if applicable.

Whether you’re a freelancer hoping to land a new client or a remote worker gearing up for an online interview, it’s important that you dress professionally. If you feel lost, the general rule of thumb is that executives, editors, and other “higher” positions might require you to dress formally, but freelance, startups, and entry-level positions might be a little looser in that regard.

Article submitted by Marjorie Rossi

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