Dr. Chris Mcguire - Special Guest - Genetics, Lifstyle & Health

Genetics, Lifestyle and Health: The Scientific Truth Regarding Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well

What is really determining your health? Do genes control your health? Find out what the research tells us about the factors that determine our health and wellness and how to make the most of your efforts to achieve optimal health!

The lifestyle choices we make every day have a greater impact on our health and vitality than anything else, even your genes! Making the right choices can possibly decrease your chances of developing the top 3 killers in the United States- Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes. What choices are you making?  Discover the factors that determine your health and wellness and learn to make the most of efforts to achieve your optimal health.  If you want to experience health and vitality while preventing illness and suffering, join us for this exciting presentation.  You will learn how to increase your wellness through positive self-talk, exercise and food choices.

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