Elevating Your Brand Through Mobile Photography
Elevating Your Brand Through Mobile Photography
You’ve heard it before, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In today’s fast-paced, scroll-happy digital world, there is little that makes us stop and pause quite like a beautifully captured photograph. For brands, this couldn’t be more true. In this workshop, we’ll learn easy, basic tools for capturing a great picture, how to create consistent visual content, and how to develop brand trust and recognition through mobile photography.
This class will be taught by Caseylin Darcy of Goodlux Media. Caseylin is a strategic media consultant that works with clients all over the world empowering them to deliver unique, brilliant brand storytelling that engages, influences, and connects.
June 26th — 9am to 10:30am
This 1 of 3 upcoming social media inspired workshops:
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What’s Your Why? — How Knowing Your Why Builds Your Brand From The Inside Out - July 17th 9-10:30am.