It's hard to speak kindly to yourself when you're bombarded with images of beautiful women in magazines and online. It's hard enough to be female and face our struggles and insecurities; but what is a realistic body goal for you?

What do you like, and not like about your body? What would you like to work on? How do you get started towards a healthy lifestyle?

We are not in competition with each other, and we are not going to compare ourselves to other women, with unrealistic body images or with photoshopping techniques.

We are going to talk about what it means to be healthy (inside and out), and how to manage that little voice inside our heads.

Kelly Flagg's Fitness and Wellness for Women will take you on a fun workshop as we work on vision boards that will motivate and inspire you to get on, and stay on a path towards a healthy body image and healthy lifestyle.

This workshop provides all the materials you need (aside from a few magazines you'd like to bring to the party). 

Bring a girlfriend and think of this as a ladies night crafting with a twist. (Wine and other beverages included in ticket price.)