Self-Care, Squad Care and Sustainable Activism

As part of our year-long 40th anniversary celebration, the Maine Women’s Lobby invites you to join our monthly, intergenerational and cross-cultural conversations around a different topic every month to discuss where we’ve been as Maine women, where we are, and where we hope to be in the next 40 years. 

This month's intergenerational gathering has us thinking about the following:
How do we engage in activism that is purposeful, joyful and of use? 
How do we create activist groups that are sustainable over time? 
How do we take care of ourselves and each other while fighting for our values and rights? 
How do we sustain ourselves to stay IN the work that needs us and strengthen our capacity and resolve for the parts that are hard? 
How do we recognize our different resources and struggles as we address burnout across social justice spaces? 
How do we support leadership and well-being within front line communities of activism? 

Join us for a *design thinking activity to help us each consider our best strategies for sustainable activism and what we might suggest to our groups! 

All are welcome and this event is FREE to the public

We do have a capacity limit, so RSVP at the link above. Consider inviting a friend or relation who is of a different age than you to join you!