Moms and Daughters: Talking is key, but are we? Getting Real about Sexuality & Relationships

In the relationships between mothers and daughters, it is often what is not talked about that is the most critically important. This dynamic workshop will help facilitate conversations between mothers and daughters through topics like Healthy Relationships and the Anatomy of Pleasure, group activities and dyads.

This workshop is for any teenage female-identifying person (14-18 years) and their female-identifying caregiver who wishes to experience a safe and affirming place to expand knowledge of sexuality. Our day will include large & small group discussions and experiential activities which will focus on:

A. Explore the impact of messages we have received about sexuality and understanding the ways this impacts how moms and daughters think about sex.

B. Bring awareness to healthy sexuality and understanding to the importance of focusing on pleasure and consent.

C. Gain accurate information and develop comfortable, fun, ways to have ongoing conversations about sexuality.