What’s Your Why? — Your Why Builds Your Brand From The Inside...

What’s Your Why? — How Knowing Your Why Builds Your Brand From The Inside Out 

Your WHY is the most essential piece of your brand. It’s who you are and it’s why you do what you do. Simply put: it’s your purpose. When you are able to understand your talents, values, passions, and skills you can find it — in both business and in life. In this workshop, we’ll take a deep dive into discovering your why and then go a step further by learning how to communicate your unique story with enthusiasm and confidence to your perfect audience. 

This class will be taught by Caseylin Darcy of Goodlux Media. Caseylin is a brand coach + strategic media consultant who works with clients all over the world empowering them to deliver unique, brilliant brand storytelling that engages, influences, and connects.

Oct. 25th — 9am to 10:30am