Nourishing Your Small Business’ Longevity

Staying compliant and protecting yourself and your employees can seem like a difficult task. The purpose of HR for a small business is to keep yourself compliant to protect yourself and your employees in the long run. It is ever changing. It changes as laws and regulations are updated and it changes as you grow. In this workshop, Amber Bowley of Bangor Savings Bank, will present some popular HR topics and how it relates to your small business’ longevity.

Here are some topics we'll go over some specifics on and how they affect small business’:

  • Payroll – Importance of time cards and accurate tracking, paying someone late and calculating overtime.
  • Labor law posters – What’s on them, how often they change, and where they need to be.
  • Safety – OSHA 300, what an audit looks like and who it applies to.
  • Job Descriptions – Why does it matter?
  • Discrimination and Harassment – What you can ask in an interview.
  • Documentation Retention – I9, W4 and time cards.
  • “Employment-At-Will” – What it really means.

Light refreshments will be served.