Nikki Starcat Shields is an author, licensed Pagan priestess, and book midwife from Maine. She is the co-founder of Feline Dreamers, where spirituality powers your daily life. Nikki has had four non-fiction books published so far, and is currently writing an urban fantasy series. She would love to help you give birth to your heart-centered book, whether it’s memoir, fiction, or self-help. Nikki specializes in bringing your unique voice – your expertise, your passions, your most cherished stories – to the page in a way that will engage and delight your readers. Nikki offers everything from mentoring to developmental editing to proofreading to formatting and beyond.
  • This is a series of 4 workshops.
  • $15 per class, or sign up for the 4 at just $50
  • All are welcome M/F, LGBTQIA and non-binary
  • Bring whatever writing method you prefer (laptop, paper...)
  • Breakfast treats, tea and coffee will be provided, but feel free to bring whatever you need.
A Sacred Container: Crafting a Flexible Creative Practice
Let’s talk about the “D” word - yes, discipline. It’s a scary one for busy creative types like us - writers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Not only is your schedule completely packed, but won’t the rigidity of a regular practice kill your creativity? Actually, crafting a sacred container for your creative work means that you can reach your goals. You can finally get that book written, launch your website, or finish that big project that’s been scattered all over your work space for months.  In this workshop, you’ll learn practical tools for getting things done while also honoring your wild creative spirit.
MARCH 10TH (10AM -12PM)
Get Your Creative Juices Flowing: Making Writing Fun You want to write a book, but there’s so much baggage around the notion of being an author.  Ready to move beyond old myths that are holding you back? In this workshop, we explore - and debunk - the lies we’re told about writing: that it has to be a struggle, that you’ll become a starving artist, that writer’s block will stop you in your tracks, and that only a few serious writers will succeed. You’ll learn to release self-judgement and open your creative portals as we employ games and prompts to ramp up your writing mojo. Join us and discover that writing can indeed be fun.
APRIL 7TH (10AM - 12PM)
The Book Incubator: Writing in Community What’s stopping you from writing the book idea that the muses have been whispering in your ear? Writing a book feels like a huge - and solitary - task. But actually, done with intention, focus, and support, it doesn’t have to take over your whole world. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll work together in creative community to begin the process of bringing your book idea to life. You’ll walk away with more confidence in your idea, a clear vision for the process of writing your book, and tools for getting guidance on your next steps.
MAY 5TH (10AM - 12PM)
Hidden Treasures: Mapping Out Your Book Writing an outline for your book sounds about as appealing as cleaning out your closets, right? But the muses have been whispering in your ear, and that book idea just won’t go away. What if you could make the planning process fun? In this workshop, you’ll begin to map the inner territory of your book idea, explore methods that work with your unique creativity, and access your hidden jewels of wisdom. You’ll emerge with a clearer view of the terrain ahead, ready to finally write that first draft!
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